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Activities in St Barth

St Barth Market 2.HEIC

Dining in St Barth - the owners’ preferred restaurants

- Orega, a French-Japanese fusion restaurant on 13 Rue Samuel Fahlberg in Gustavia. The menu is quite short, the food delicious, the wine list perfect, the service impeccable. It’s definitely worth a visit. Open since 2015.


- Sella, another fusion restaurant, is located on Plage de Public near Gustavia’s small Industrial Zone. It blends Middle Eastern with French cuisines. The menu is relatively short, the comprehensive wine list also includes wines from the Middle East. The young team serves with lots of enthusiasm. 


- L’Esprit, one of the older restaurants on the east bank of Les Grand Salines. Guests sit in the garden under a canopy lush tropical vegetation. The former Eden Rock Chef prepares delightful and fine French food, the wine list is attractive and the service efficient. 


- Santa Fe, a bit off-the-beaten-track in Lurin above Gustavia, offers good French and Caribbean food. It also has an attractive wine list, and we find the service outstanding. It is a good escape from busy Gustavia and St Jean.


- JoJo Burger, the surfer dude’s favourite spot in Lorient, has the best beach for surfing in St Barth. The menu is classical burger - fast food but cool. It’s mostly frequented by locals. Simple, good food is combined with fascinating people-watching.


- Bonito St Barth has an enviable location overlooking the Port of Gustavia. There are a variety of delicious meals on Bonito’s high-quality menu whilst the wine list is exquisite. 


- La Petite Plage on the Port of Gustavia fuses casual ambience with gourmet Mediterranean-based cuisine. And just when you think the merry vibes couldn’t get better, be prepared to get on the table after hours and dance the rest of the night away. 


- Black Ginger is the owners’ favourite take-away place for dinner, although dining-in is also an experience. The cuisine is Thai and the chef perfectly combines fragrant spices with local fresh ingredients. Before a lazy evening, stop by for some genuine Thai fare and enjoy it at the comfort of the villa.

Fun Outdoor activities




Playing tennis in St Barth is easy. The local tennis club is in St Jean and is just next to the airport. Visit the club to book your court with the friendly staff at reception or call ahead if you’re staying a week or longer on the island. Non-members are welcome.




There are several hiking trails on the island. Some are dead easy like the trail from Anse des Flamandes to Anse Colombier. Others are a bit more challenging like the one from Les Grandes Salines to Gouverneur or from Grand Fonds to Les Grandes Salines. Good footwear is required for the trails.


Surfing in Lorient


For anybody wanting to learn to surf, there is a small surfing school on the Lorient Beach. Best is just to visit the colorful hut and ask. There is always someone there in the morning.


Sailing with Miguel from Saint Barth’s Sailors


Miguel runs two catamarans you can rent for a day. A day gets you once around the island with several beach stops or to la Fourchue, halfway between St Martin and St Barth. On request, Miguel will take care of the catering from L’Esprit, and his mum throws in her famous Pastis. Great way to spend a day on the sea. 


Scuba Diving off the South Coast of St Both


Although there are not too many places you can scuba dive in St Barth (the rocky island has few coral reefs), between Gustavia and Gouverneur on the south side, is the best place.

Swimming at Anse les Flamands.HEIC
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